When it comes to telling you about how hard we work, we prefer to let our past and present clients do the talking. Read a few testimonials from individuals who have been satisfied with our services.

"Paul Mankin and the M & F Law staff have been a Godsend to me. He helped me to get the harassing debt collection calls to stop and was able to procure me a nice compensation. Mr. Mankin and his team treated me respectfully, never judging or condemning me for my situation. During my free consultation with Mr. Mankin he made me feel as though there was nothing more important at that moment than helping me with my problem. M & F Law really does care about their clients. It is nice to know I can always count on Paul Mankin and his team to be honest, informed and empathetic."

—J. Campbell

"I have been working with Mr. Mankin for several weeks now on my case, and with time not on my side Mr.Mankin worked quick to get started on my case. He made me aware of the issues that may arise and his legal advise. I am very much over all pleased with Mr.Mankin and his dedication to get the best results for his clients and knowledge of my Repo situation. I trust him and his trusted team to obtain the best possible outcome for my situation."

—La Dwan, a Contracts client

"Bankruptcy is such a hard thing to face on your own. But, I felt never alone when I was working with Mr. Mankin. Him and his staff were very supportive and I never felt judged by them. They gave me the relief I needed."

—Bankruptcy Client

"Mr. Mankin was very knowledgeable and clearly walked me through the steps. I'm very satisfied and would highly recommend him."

—Bankruptcy Client 2

"I consulted with Paul Mankin regarding my options for bankruptcy in early June after researching a few different bankruptcy attorneys and found this office to be one of the most reasonably priced. After the consult I ultimately decided not to file because my situation didn't warrant it, but I had a good experience.....he seemed knowledgable and professional. I will go back if my situation changes."

—Chapter 7 client

"I met with the attorney Paul Mankin, and he explained the different options that were available to me, and helped me decide which option was most appropriate to remedy my situation. I was able to file for chapter 7 bankruptcy, which allowed me to eliminate all of my debts and get a fresh start."

—Sandra, a Chapter 7 client

"I have known Paul Mankin for over 12 years, and have sought his professional services on several occasions. He is extremely competent, professional, and knowledgeable in the area of bankruptcy law. All of his bankruptcy clients are in very good hands and I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone considering filing for bankruptcy."

—Chapter 13 client