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Common Debt Collectors

Information about common debt collectors and creditors:

A-1 Collections Agency, LLC

A-1 Collection Service

Account Management Services, Inc.

Advanced Financial Company

American Express Company

A.R.M. Solutions, Inc.

ARS National Services, Inc.

Baker, Govern,

Bank of America Corporation

Barclays Bank Delaware 

Bayview Solutions, LLC

The Best Service Company

Butte County Credit Bureau

Bleier & Cox

California Account Service

California Business Bureau, Inc.

California Recovery Bureau, Inc.

Capital One Financial Corp

Cedars Business Services, LLC

Central Credit Services, Inc.

Central Financial Control

Citibank, N.A.

Comenity Capital Bank

Conrad Credit Corporation

Continental Central Credit, Inc.

Credit One Bank

Discovery Financial Services

Diversified Consultants, Inc.

Eagle Accounts Group, Inc.

EGS Financial Care, Inc.

Encore Receivables Management, Inc.

Enhanced Recovery Company

Fidelity Creditor Service, Inc.

GC Services, Inc.

Hatfield Portfolio Group

HF Holdings, Inc.

Herbert P. Sears Co.

Investment Retrievers, Inc

JP Morgan Chase 

Lobel Financial Corporation

Merrick Bank Corporation

Midland Credit Management, Inc.

Navient Solutions, LLC

Pacific Credit Exchange

Pacific Credit Services, Inc.

Pinnacle Recovery, Inc.

Portfolio Recovery Associates

RCS Recovery Services, LLC

Second Alliance, Inc.

Sequoia Concepts, Inc. D/B/A Sequoia Financial Services

Superlative RM

Synchrony Bank

TRAF Group

Transworld Systems, Inc.

TSC Accounts Receivable Solutions

Vengroff, Williams,

Westside Recovery Services, LLC