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Has a Debt Collector Contacted Third Parties, Such as Your Employer Regarding Your Debt?

Has a debt collector contacted third parties, such as an employer, regarding your debt?

Managing debt can be stressful, but it does not also need to be embarrassing. The FDCPA regulates when, why, and how debt collectors communicate with third parties regarding your debt.

A debt collector may contact a third party, such as an employer, coworker, or friend to get your location or contact information. Under the law, however, the debt collector is only permitted to contact a third party once. Repeated phone calls to your employer, coworkers, friends, or other relatives are a form of creditor harassment.

Additionally, the debt collector cannot inform any third party, other than your spouse or attorney, that you owe a debt. Any written communication from a debt collector to a third party cannot contain any language or symbols that would indicate that the debt collector is in the debt collection business.

If a debt collector has been repeatedly contacting or discussing your debt with any person other than your spouse, please contact our office for a free, no obligation consultation at 1-800-219-3577.

Hold Your Landlord, Credit Agency, or Negligent Party Accountable

While financial compensation is a goal in many of the cases we handle, holding the parties who are responsible for your physical and financial safety accountable is just as important.


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