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Has Debt Collector or Creditor been Verbally Abusive to You?


Has a debt collector or creditor been verbally abusive to you?

Under the FDCPA, a debt collector may not be verbally abusive while attempting to collect on a debt. What exactly does “verbally abusive” mean?

For some debtor's the verbal abuse they have experienced at the hands of a debt collector is clear. A message on the answering machine asking, ‘have you ever been raped?” or a collector for a funeral home telling the decedent's family if they do not pay the bill, their loved ones body will be dug up and hung from a tree. But the verbal abuse does not have to go that far for the collector to violate the law.

Verbal abuse may include:

  • Using obscene or profane language
  • Yelling or screaming
  • Calling you names
  • Insulting you or saying anything meant to humiliate you
  • Intimidating you in an effort to collect on the debt

This list is not all inclusive, and if you feel as if you have been verbally abused by a creditor or debt collector, you probably have.

If you believe a creditor or debt collector has been verbally abusive to you, please contact our office for a free, no obligation case review at 1-800-219-3577.

Hold Your Landlord, Credit Agency, or Negligent Party Accountable

While financial compensation is a goal in many of the cases we handle, holding the parties who are responsible for your physical and financial safety accountable is just as important.


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