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Protecting The Rights Of Consumers

Fighting Hard For Debtors' Rights

For many people, a day does not pass without harassing phone calls from debt collectors.

At the Law Office of Paul Mankin, we can make debt collectors stop calling you. We are a consumer protection law firm focused on helping people protect their rights against illegal actions by debt collectors and insurance companies.

Based in the San Diego area, our firm helps people throughout Southern California. Many of our clients are people who are being hounded by debt collectors, often in violation of the law. These collectors call them at work, call their family members, and threaten them with lawsuits, garnishments and repossession.

There are many reasons why good people are unable to pay their debts. We know that many have struggled with illnesses, divorces, layoffs or other problems. We never judge our clients. Instead, we offer effective help focused on one thing: making creditors stop.


Clear Up Credit Rating Problems

Is the presence of false information on your credit report dragging down your credit rating? Our firm helps people remove inaccurate credit information, raising their scores and making it easier for them to obtain credit. In many cases, we can even help our clients obtain compensation if creditors have placed false information on their credit reports. We offer a free credit report review, so call us today to learn how we can help you.

You Don't Need Money To Work With Us

Consultations at our law firm are free. When you call our firm, our lawyers and staff will help you understand how the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) protects you from abusive debt collectors.

The law protects consumers' rights, and it also holds creditors accountable for their illegal actions by forcing them to pay for debtors' attorneys. Ninety-five percent of our clients do not pay us anything. Instead, their creditors pay our bills.

Hold your creditors accountable for their illegal actions. Call the Law Office of Paul Mankin toll free at 800-654-9517 or contact us online.

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