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Dangerous, defective, or damaged products can cause serious injuries, bodily harm, and even death. We have a proven track record of helping consumers file successful insurance claims and winning dangerous product lawsuits on behalf of our clients for hazardous or defective Talcum Powder, Hair Straighteners, Infant Formula, and more.

Our California-based team has worked extensively with clients impacted by natural disasters such as the Paradise Camp and Dixie wildfires, going to battle with insurance companies who often try to delay claims until they’re no longer valid, or flat out deny them. We’re committed to helping wildfire victims and their families get the compensation they deserve.

Exposure to toxic chemicals has caused illness and death for hundreds of thousands of people. We’ve successfully handled cases for people injured by the toxic chemicals found in Firefighter Foam, contaminated water at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, and more. If you’ve been exposed to a dangerous chemical and have been diagnosed with an illness, we’ll help you know your rights, take legal action, and receive the compensation you’re entitled to.

We’ve handled dozens of cases related to faulty medical devices and pharmaceuticals, helping people who have suffered serious complications or lost a loved one from dangerous products including the Stryker Toe Implant, Hernia Mesh, CPAP Machines, Paragard, and more.

If you are being harassed by collection agencies or credit card companies, or purchased a faulty car or product that was misrepresented to you, we want to help you understand your rights and get the justice you deserve. Our team of consumer protection experts has deep experience handling cases ranging from Unlawful Repossession and Creditor Harassment to Lemon Law and Auto Fraud.

Our team is proud to have sought and won justice for survivors of sexual abuse, including survivors of Boy Scouts sexual abuse. Our team is here to listen to all types of survivors and advise them about their options, starting with an intake with a free, confidential conversation with a trauma-informed specialist. Even if we are not able to take on your case, we work to direct all survivors to helpful resources and handle your case with the utmost sensitivity and care.

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