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3 things every tenant should know about lead paint

When you sign a lease and move into a new home or apartment, you likely do not expect that it will be a hazard to your health and the health of your family. This is exactly what happens, though, when there is lead paint present in your home. It is a well-known fact that this poses a serious risk to tenants, but it sometimes still appears in apartments and homes built when the use of lead paint was common.

Your landlord should disclose the use of lead paint, but sometimes he or she does not do this. Whether you have lived in your home for two years or two months, there are several things you need to know if you suspect that there is lead paint in your home that might be compromising your health.

3 signs your apartment is uninhabitable

When you originally moved into your apartment in Los Angeles, you were probably excited. With a fresh coat of paint, new carpet and working appliances, you were happy. But now, the honeymoon has ended. You might be dealing with unlivable conditions or late repairs. 

Do not neglect the warning signs of an uninhabitable apartment. Your landlord has a legal responsibility to make sure you live in a comfortable, healthy and safe environment. Here are three indications your apartment has become uninhabitable. 

Why cockroaches in the home are a danger to your health

There are certain critters and creatures you never want to see in the place you call home, and cockroaches tend to rank high on the list. In addition to their unsightly, unsettling appearance, cockroaches can actually impact your health negatively, so it is in your best interest to have them removed from your home as quickly as possible while taking strides to keep them out for good.

Possible indications of lead paint exposure

Lead poisoning can have serious, lifelong effects, and children are often among its littlest victims. Even though lead paint is no longer in use, it remains prevalent in many older buildings, and your landlord has a duty to warn you of any potential exposure risks and minimize them as much as possible.

Most lead poisoning cases result from prolonged exposure, and children are often particularly susceptible if they live in homes that have chipped or peeling paint, and if they tend to place things in their mouths. If you suspect your child may have lead poisoning, keep an eye out for the following possible symptoms:

Can I move out before my lease is up?

Renting an apartment in the Los Angeles area comes with a lot of rules. Knowing your rights and responsibilities can help you avoid many types of difficult situations.

One common question people ask is whether they can break their lease. There are many reasons a tenant might want to move out before the lease is up. Maybe you found a better place, took a job in another state or are sick of dealing with problems at your current location. Certain circumstances do allow you to break a lease.

3 common signs of a bed bug infestation

Bed bugs cause discomforting living conditions. If you wake up itchy or notice other suspecting signs, you might be wondering if you have an infestation. You might brush off some signs at first only to realize the problem is worse than you thought.

While detecting a bed bug infestation might seem difficult at first, you can start by looking out for a few clear signs. Keep reading to learn about the most common symptoms of bed bugs in your apartment with information from the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

My Car Dealer Demanded That I Return My New Car But Won't Give Me My Trade-In Vehicle Back, What Are My Rights?

In California, if you recently purchased a vehicle with dealer financing, the dealer is allowed to cancel the contract within 10 days of the contract being signed. If the dealer chooses to cancel the contract within the time allowed, the dealer must give its customer back everything the customer provided to complete the sale. This means that if you traded in a vehicle to purchase the new car, then the dealer must give you the trade-in vehicle back immediately. If the dealer attempts to cancel the contract after 10 days, you are not required to return the new vehicle because the dealer waited too long to attempt to the cancel the contract.

Does My Car Sales Contract Allow The Car Dealer To Back Out Of The Sale?

If you recently purchased a vehicle and are now receiving a call or letter from your car dealer saying it wants the car back, check your sales contract to see if the dealer has the right to back out of the agreement. Typically, there is a provision called "Seller's Right to Cancel" on the back of the long yellow copy of the contract you were given at the time of purchasing the vehicle. In California, this contract provision usually states that the car dealer has 10 days to back out of the agreement. Although this is a typical provision always double check your contract before returning the vehicle. If your contract does not have this provision or the dealer first contacts you about returning the vehicle after 10 days, you most likely do not need to return the vehicle.

How To Research If A Hotel Or Apartment Has Had Bed Bug Complaints?

The internet has made it easy for customers and tenants to research and/or report bed bug issues with hotels and apartment complexes. If you have had a bed bug infestation in your apartment or have found bed bugs at a hotel room you have stayed at you can document your experience at and is also a good site to document your experience with bed bugs. These sites are also great for potential tenants and hotel guests to research apartments and hotels prior to moving in or planning a trip to make sure that there have not been frequent infestations.

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