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12 Hospital Practices to Prevent Hospital Slip and Fall Accidents

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Intro If you are a staff member at a hospital, or tend to visit the hospital due to your health, or visit a family member, there are many times where it can be a hazard to walk through the hallways. Whether due to poor lighting, improper care, or just slow reaction times of the staff, […]

What are the different types of hospital slip and fall claims?

Premises, Liability, and/or medical malpractice – What is the difference? Slip and Falls can occur anywhere, anytime, and can lead to serious, and sometimes fatal, damages and injuries. Whether you are at a warehouse or factory, or simply working inside an office building, slipping and falling can be a dangerous hazard. This is exceptionally present […]

What is a hospital patient fall risk assessment?

Hospitals deal with patients of all degrees and ranges of issues throughout the days and weeks. These run from general issues such as a day visit for a sprain, to overnight stays due to prolonged treatments. In all of these situations, the chances of the patients being unstable on their feet, due to either medications […]

Can you sue a hospital for a slip and fall injury?

Going into a hospital should be a relatively simple matter. If you are going to visit a family member or friend, you would assume that the visit would be easy, and no risk on your part. You should be able to simply walk in and either receive treatment, or know that your safety, and the […]

Hospital Slip and Fall – What must be proven to be successful

Imagine that you are walking to visit your relative in the hospital. They just underwent Chemotherapy, and you are there to wish them a good recovery and spend some quality time with them. They are on the 4th floor of the building in hall A, so you go ahead and take the stairs up to […]

How to Bring a Slip and Fall claim against Kaiser Permanente?

Bringing claims for a slip and fall case can be challenging no matter who it is against. As the victim, you may feel like you are being shut down and kept in the dark about your situation, and that others are trying to worm their way out of having to properly settle a claim. The […]

Who is Garnishing My Wages and How Do I Stop Them?

Who is Garnishing My Wages and How Do I Stop Them? If you have to ask who is garnishing your wages, you probably did not receive proper service of the original lawsuit’s complaint and judgment against you or the motion and order to garnish your wages after the judgment was entered. This means that money […]

Who is calling me from 1-855-207-1892?

Are you receiving harassing phone calls from 1-855-207-1892? This phone number belongs to Ability Recovery Services LLC, a collection agency located in DuPont, Pennsylvania. The collection agency collects for telecommunication companies, healthcare providers, educational institutions, and utility companies. Contact Information 284 Main St DuPont, PA 18641-1960 Phone: 1-855-207-1892 According to the debt collection agencies website, it […]

What is an Adverse Action by a Creditor?

An “adverse action” occurs when a creditor makes a decision adverse to the interests of an applicant or borrower. The manners in which adverse actions may be and must be handled are regulated by the two main Federal consumer credit protection laws: the Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). […]