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Are you being harassed by the debt collection agency 4M Collections, LLC?

4M Collections LLC is a debt collection agency that has a few consumer complaints lodged against them for harassment and improper collection methods. Learn about who they are, and how to protect yourself from their harassment from the credit card companies.

Who is 4M Collections LLC?

4M Collections LLC, also known as Discovery Financial Services, is a debt collection agency that resides out of Vancouver, Washington. Founded in 1996, they have been in business for close to 23 years. They have one primary office, but are known to operate in smaller locations across the U.S.

Their primary business is to collect on debts and overdue payments through both Discovery Financial Service, and will also buy out some debts. However, they are known to collect on authority of many credit card companies. It has not been confirmed that they are connected with Discover Bank.

How can I contact 4M Collections?

They are located at 9707 NE 54th St Ste A, Vancouver, WA 98662-6345.

They are able to be contacted through fax and phone. These numbers are:

Fax – 1-(316)-604-8948

Phone – 1-(316)-604-8514

Their business management is headed by Ms. Melinda Chumbley, who is also their primary customer support contact.

Are they a Scam?

Unfortunately, they are very much legit and grounded. 4M Collections has been established since 1996, and currently hold an A rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, that does not take into account their customer reviews when getting the rating, and they are not BBB accredited.

How many Complaints are there against 4M Collections?

Against 4M Collections specifically, there are quite a few. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, there have been upwards of 19 total complaints against 4M Collections specifically. The Better Business Bureau has 3 consumer complaints listed as closed within the last 3 years, as well as 1 complaint closed as recently as the last 12 months.

Many of these complaints come from debt collector harassment. Specifically, the harassment came from credit card companies’ debts, and many of the debtors were getting harassing phone calls from debt collectors. In these cases, 4M Collections has been seen wrongfully calling debtors through wrong numbers, as well as calling anyone that appears to have the same name as the debtor in cases as listed on the CFPB.

Not only have there been complaints against 4M Collections, but the complaints against Discovery Financial Service have also included such practices as using ghosted or cloned phone numbers. In a complaint lodged on 05/02/2019 to the Better Business Bureau, a consumer states that their employer was the target of debt collector harassment through a usage of a ghosted number, and would be pried for information or business details.

These are just a few select samples of the complaints lodged against 4M Collections LLC, or Discovery Financial Service.

Can 4M Collections LLC do this to me?

What 4M Collections LLC has done to those that have lodged complaints is extremely illegal and goes against federal law. They can attempt to do so, and may resort to harassing through phone calls, emails, or physical mail as well. However, the length of time that a debt collector is able to harass you over a debt is minimal.

If you feel like you are being harassed by debt collectors, we have ways to stop debt collection harassment. If 4M Collections LLC has been threatening you, or attempting to coerce you to pay a debt that you do not believe is yours, do not hesitate to reach out and get proper help.

What can I do to stop the harassment?

There are a number of ways to deal with the debt collector harassment. The first thing to do, however, is to contact a debt collector harassment lawyer or attorney. An attorney will be able to set any situations straight, and ensure that you understand what harassment is, and label it as such. For instance, they will be able to walk you through the steps of how to report debt collector harassment, and identify the patterns and practices that would be considered harassment by a debt collector. These include practices such as ghosted phone calls, robo calls, and wrong number calls and misleading collection information.

However, there is one problematic issue. To ensure that you enforce your rights as a debtor and consumer, as well as ensuring that your recover your money and time for violations, you must push to sue 4M Collections. If you have been wronged by them, the laws provide individuals, such as yourselves, the proper tools and regulations to help seek monetary damages in a court of law.

If you are being harassed by the collection agency 4M Collections LLC, or Discovery Financial Service, please give us a call at 1-800-219-3577 for a free no obligation case evaluation.   We are experienced debt collection harassment attorneys.

We will be able to get you the proper care that you need, as well as set you on the correct legal path to regain any lost time and money that may have been collected from you through undue and illegal means