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Are you being harassed by the debt collection agency AIS Recovery Solutions, LLC?

If you have been contacted by AIS Recovery Solutions LLC, then chances are you have been told that you owe a debt of a fairly exorbitant amount. This amount can cause you to go into a panic, as owing money is never enjoyable. However, how do you know if the debt is real? How do you know if AIS Recovery Solutions is a legal debt collection agency? If you have been contacted by AIS Recovery Solutions LLC, read on to know more about them, and if you should be worried.

What is AIS Recovery Solutions, LLC?

AIS Recovery Solutions, LLC, is considered to be a collections agency based out of Oklahoma. Although it is unknown when they were started and when they opened, their Better Business Bureau file was opened in 2018. Ms. Kandra Alexander is listed as the Corporate Counsel for AIS Recovery Solutions LLC, and they are not known by any other names.

Is AIS Recovery Solutions, LLC a legit Debt Collection Agency?

AIS Recovery Solutions LLC is considered to be a legitimate debt collection agency. They are based within Oklahoma City in Oklahoma, and have an A- standing with the BBB. This rating is given due to the fact that AIS Recovery Solutions LLC has not been around for very long, compared to other debt collection agencies. They are not currently accredited with the BBB.

On their website, they list that they serve the following industries: Banking, Consumer Credit, Utilities, Healthcare, Automotive, and Telecom.

AIS Recovery Solutions, LLC Contact Information

There is no current listed address as to where the company may be located at. The most that is given for an address is that they are located within Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73124.


Phone Number: 1-877-817-2554

Email: [email protected]

Does AIS Recovery Solutions, LLC have Complaints against them?

AIS Recovery Solutions LLC currently have one complaint lodged against them through the BBB.

There are no listed complaints through the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Consumer Complaint Database.

What kind of Complaints have been made?

The primary complaint on the BBB comes in the form of debt collection. This comes in the form of a debt collection attempt and harassment after the debt was already paid off.

The harassment listed did not stop there. From what was stated, AIS Recovery did not stop sending letters and emails to the victim, penalizing them each time one was not answered. However, when the victim did attempt to contact AIS Recovery Solutions, they were met with little to no communication, as well as information mix-ups. This is abusive in nature, and should never be tolerated when dealing with misinformation and debt collector harassment.

Are the Practices of AIS Recovery Solutions, LLC Legal?

These practices are not legal at all. Debt collection harassment in any form is against Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and regulations. As such, it should be reported immediately to any superiors and adequate companies in question.

The illegal practice that AIS Recovery Solutions used were misinformation and misguidance with regard to a person’s bill and debt, as well as harassment and negative language used against the person in question. Both fall under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act guidelines that, a debt collector may not use abusive or negative language, as well as excessive harassment and phone calls in an attempt to collect on a debt.

How can I protect myself and fight back against AIS Recovery Solutions, LLC?

Fighting back against debt collector harassment and wrong phone calls can be a daunting task. However, the most important thing to remember is to always stay vigilant. If you feel that you have been wrongfully harassed over a debt, then make sure to tell the debt collection agency to stop calling and messaging you. If you send a cease and desist letter, ensure that you make a copy for yourself. If you are currently in the middle of an ongoing battle with the debt collection agency, hire an experienced debt collection harassment attorney or lawyer, such as the ones here at the Law Office of Paul Mankin, APC.

Not only can we help you to defend against creditor and collection harassment, we can also help to build a case, and assist you in understanding where the illegal collection patterns are for debt collectors under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. We are also able to help facilitate any communications or discussions between the parties, ensuring that nothing you say can be used against you.

The most important bit of information in your fight is to always remain vigilant. No matter who you have at your side, it can seem like a daunting battle against such a large company and agency. If you have ever been the subject of:

  • Multiple calls per week from a third party collection agency
  • Multiple calls in the early morning or late night from debt collectors.
  • Violent and belligerent language and harassment from debt collectors.
  • Threats of arrests or poor credit due to outstanding debts.
  • Having your friends, family, and coworkers harassed from debt collectors.
  • Automated robocalls from third party collection agencies.

Then you may have a case available under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. So do not wait, make sure to give us a call, and get started fighting back against the debt collection harassment.