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Are you Receiving Harassing Phone Calls from H & A Credit Corporation?

H & A Credit Corporation is a debt collection agency located in Stone Mountain, Georgia. The agency has been in business since 2001 and collects on many types of consumer debt.

Contact Information:

H & A Credit Corporation

913 Main St STE D

Stone Mountain, GA 30083-3096

Phone: (770) 413-4961

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), a federal agency created to help ensure that consumers are not abused by companies in the financial industry, report no complaints against H & A Credit Corporation. The agency has however been sued at least once, in Georgia, for Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) violations.  The complaint in this case alleges that the company left several messages on the consumer’s voice mail wherein it failed to inform him that the calls were from a debt collection agency. The case was eventually settled.

The FDCPA requires a debt collector to inform consumer’s that the call is from a debt collector and that any information obtained during the call will be used for the purpose of collecting the debt. This is known as the “mini-Miranda”. Many consumer’s have heard this warning from a creditor or debt collector and just as a law enforcement office is required to read a Miranda warning to a suspect before questioning them, debt collectors are required to read the mini-Miranda to a consumer before speaking with them about the debt on which they are attempting to collect.

The FDCPA was passed in order to help protect consumers from abusive and deceptive practices by debt collectors and not only requires them to inform consumers that they are attempting to collect a debt, but also prohibits them from using tactics such as:

  • Allowing a consumer’s telephone to ring continuously in order to annoy them
  • Falsely implying that a person can be arrested for not paying a bill
  • Calling before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m.
  • Using profane or obscene language
  • Communicating with a third party about a consumer’s debt
  • Threatening to take any action that is illegal or that it does not intend to take
  • Falsely representing that communications are from an attorney
  • Impersonating law enforcement or government officials
  • Communicating with consumer’s by way of postcard
  • Harassing phone calls

This is not a complete list of all the debt collection tactics prohibited by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and any action by a debt collector that would be considered abusive, harassing, or deceptive may be in violation of the FDCPA.

If H & A Credit Corporation is annoying, abusing, or harassing you it is time they are held accountable for their actions. For a free, no obligation case review, please call our office at 1-800-219-3577.