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The Law Office of Paul Mankin is a consumer protection law firm dedicated to preventing debt collection harassment.

We stop creditor harassment through litigation under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and other legislation, giving our clients peace of mind and financial relief. And in doing so, we make debt collectors pay our clients.

As the victim of illegal debt collection practices, you have rights — and the ability to stop debt collector harassment. Call us today at 800-654-9517 for a free consultation.

We represent people throughout California from our offices in the San Diego area and Los Angeles.

You can learn more about your rights by reading the articles below.

Stopping Automatic Calls From Debt Collectors — If debt collectors have violated FDCPA, we can stop them — and obtain compensation for you.

Debt Collectors Must Follow These FDCPA Rules — Debt collectors are prohibited from calling you during certain hours and engaging in illegal practices. If you are being harassed, call us today.

When Will a Debt Collector Sue? – Is a debt collector threatening to sue or are you concerned that the they will?

Debt Harassment Lawyers In California Fight FDCPA Violations — If you are being harassed by debt collectors in violation of the law, we can stop it at no cost to you.


Debt Collectors And Student Loans — Though student loans are usually not dischargeable in bankruptcy, there may be other ways for you to get relief from debt collectors and unmanageable student loan debt.

Letters About Student Loans May Violate FDCPA — If a debt collector tells you that it’s impossible to discharge student loan debt, it’s not true. You may be able to file suit claiming false and deceptive practices and obtain California.

Debt Collectors Teaming Up With Prosecutors To Collect Debts — In recent years, more than 300 district attorneys’ offices across the country have teamed up with debt collectors in order to collect bad debts. These actions could violate federal and state laws.

FTC Issues New Alert — Scam Artists Posing As Debt Collectors — Don’t fall victim to con artists who pretend to be debt collectors. Call us for a free consultation.

I Gave A Debt Collector A Post-Dated Check And He Deposited It Early. What Can I Do? — You may be out of luck, or you may have a cause of action under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. A lawyer at our firm can advise you concerning your legal options.

Attorneys Fighting Illegal Vehicle Repossession — Repossession agents will sometimes act unlawfully when repossessing your vehicle. Don’t let them get away with it. Call an experienced repo lawyer today.

TCPA Exceptions: When Companies Are Allowed To Call You — Learn when debt collectors and other parties can and can’t call you.

Lawsuits Over Debt Collection Firms Declining — Consumers are learning that FDCPA bans debt collectors from using illegal methods when contacting them. If you are being harassed, we may be able to help.

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