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Has Debt Collector Attempted to Collect a Debt that You Already Paid?

Has a debt collector attempted to collect a debt that you already paid?

While it is frustrating to deal with an outstanding debt, nothing is more frustrating than being harassed by a debt collector for a debt that you have already paid. Under the FDCPA and RFDCPA, a debt collector cannot collect more money than what is owed. You are also entitled to receive proof that the debt is owed. You must request proof of the debt within thirty (30) days from when the debt collector first contacts you.

Case Example:

A client had a very old professional services bill that was sent to a debt collection agency and reported on his credit report. Our client believed this bill had been paid in full years ago. In an attempt to get more information from the debt collector, our client asked the amount owed and when the debt was incurred. The debt collector refused to provide any additional information.

Our client contacted the professional service business that supposedly charged the bill. The professional services business had a record that our client had paid the bill three (3) years prior and did not currently owe anything.

Our legal services were retained to hold this debt collector accountable for its illegal actions. Our office was able to remove the negative item from our client’s credit report, and the debt collector paid our client a settlement and all of our attorneys’ fees and costs.

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