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Plumbing Issues Can Be A Major Concern

Everyone has a leaking sink or running toilet at some point. These small problems can be easily fixed. However, major leaks or larger plumbing issues rarely have easy fixes, and doing so certainly isn’t the responsibility of a renter.

Plumbing problems can go well beyond a small leak or faucet drip. Problems with a toilet can cause sewage to back or leak into your apartment. Leaking pipes in the walls or water damage can create mold or other health hazards. Contacting your landlord before an issue becomes a major problem should be enough.

However, if the landlord ignores your complaints, you may need an attorney. At the Law Office of Paul Mankin, we work with clients in San Diego and Los Angeles who have habitability issues.

Mold And Health Concerns

One of the biggest concerns when it comes to water damage is developing mold. When plumbing issues are ignored, unseen mold can develop behind your walls or under the floor. It is important to take care of plumbing issues before it gets to this point. However, we know landlords don’t always do this.

If mold has developed in your apartment because your landlord has ignored plumbing issues, contact us. We know what California law says about renters rights.

The last thing you should do is live in a unit with mold problems. We want to help you solve the problem before it gets worse.

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