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Is Bayview Solutions, LLC Harassing You?

Bayview Solutions, LLC

Bayview Solutions, LLC is a debt collection agency based in St. Petersburg, Florida. It has two different BBB profiles, each listing the same address and website. Bayview Solutions, LLC has been in business since 2008 and also goes by the names Bayview Risk Management Capital, Bayview Commercial Recovery, and BV Solutions.

Contact Information:

111 2nd Ave NE Ste 900

Saint Petersburg, FL 33701-3434

(866) 546-9088

Better Business Bureau complaints against Bayview Solutions, LLC include collecting for paid accounts because they “confused” them with other accounts, processing payments after being asked not to, hanging up on consumers requesting debt validation information, threatening to file lawsuits they do not intend to file, and telling consumers that they are not subject to BBB complaints. Three complaints filed with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau allege that the agency attempted to collect more than the amount due, claimed to be an attorney, called a consumer at work, and did not make it clear who they were or for whom they were collecting during several different communications.

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