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Is Capital Accounts, LLC Harassing You?

Capital Accounts, LLC is a debt collection agency located in Nashville, Tennessee. It has been in business since 2003 and collects nationwide for all types of companies. 

Contact Information:

PO Box 140065

Nashville, TN 37214

Phone: (800) 282-3214

On its website, Capital Accounts, LLC claims that all of its collection attempts “are conducted in strict compliance with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act” the 450 plus complaints filed against it with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) since 2015 seem to tell a different story. The complaints allege that the collection agency:

  • Attempted to collect a debt from a family member it knew did not owe the debt
  • Failed to provide debt verification information
  • Used abusive language when attempting to collect on a debt
  • Debited a consumer’s bank accounts after the account was paid
  • Reported false credit information to the credit reporting agencies
  • Charged fees not authorized by the original contract
  • Failed to properly apply payments to consumers’ accounts
  • Continued contacting consumers after being asked to stop
  • Used abusive language when attempting to collect on a debt

These may be violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), a federal law enacted to help protect consumers from unfair, abusive, and deceptive practices used by debt collectors.

A large number of the complaints concern Capital Accounts, LLC’s refusal to provide proper debt verification for medical bills. It apparently will only provide a list of charges they claim are owed, with no service dates, no copies of any bills, or any further information. In its responses to these complaints, the debt collector claims it has no legal obligation to provide any information it does not have and it believes the debt to be valid. It also tells consumers they must contact the original creditor for further information, even when the original creditor is no longer in business and impossible to contact, and then continues its collection attempts. It appears from the consumer complaints and Capital Accounts, LLC’s response to them that it only corrects billing and payment mistakes after the consumer files a public complaint with the BBB or CFPB.

If Capital Accounts, LLC is using unfair, abusive, or deceptive practices in order to collect a debt from you, please contact our office for a free, no obligation case review at 1-800-219-3577.