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Is Eagle Accounts Group, Inc. Harassing You?

Eagle Accounts Group, Inc. is a debt collection agency that has been doing business for 46 years. It is located in Indianapolis, Indiana and collects for healthcare providers and governmental agencies (child support).

Contact Information:

Eagle Accounts Group
PO Box 17400
Indianapolis, IN 46217

Toll free 800-878-5165 or (317-887-5165)

For Government debt:
[email protected]

For all other inquiries:
[email protected]

Eagle Accounts Group, Inc. has two Better Business Bureau (BBB) complaints that were closed in the last three years, and one in the last twelve months. The complaints pertain to unfair reporting to the credit reporting agencies. The Consumer Protection Bureau has received 29 complaints about Eagle Accounts Group, Inc. since 2016. The majority of these complaints involve debts being reported to credit reporting agencies that are already paid or do not belong to the consumer. 

This collection agency apparently refuses to recognize debts as paid, even after receiving a court order declaring the debt current or paid in full.

If Eagle Account Group, Inc. is harassing or abusing you or reporting inaccurate information to any of the three credit reporting agencies, they may be violating the law. Please contact our office for a free, no obligation consultation at 1-800-219-3577.