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Is HF Holdings, Inc. Harassing You?

HF Holdings, Inc. is a collection agency based in Orlando, Florida. The agency also has three offices in California, in Sacramento, San Diego, and San Francisco. The company has been in business since 2012.

Contact Information:

5929 Anno Ave

Orlando, FL 32809

 (877) 680-6064

Debt Collection Agency

A search of the federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s (CFPB) database shows no complaints have been filed against HF Holdings, Inc. But wait. That does not mean the company is a kind and caring bill collector. A quick look at the Better Business Bureau’s (BBB) website says this debt collector not only frequently violates the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), but it publically responds to BBB complaints by calling the consumer a liar. Some of their responses include:

  • Stating that the consumer was abusive and threatened violence, they are no longer contacting him/her for staff safety reasons, and that local authorities had been contacted.
  • Saying that their staff did not use abusive language or threaten arrest and that “no apology is due, nor forthcoming”
  • “This “complaint” is a total farce.”
  • Claiming that consumers are using aggressive and abusive tactics with them
  • Stating numerous times that they provided debt verification more than once, although the consumers still claim that they have not
  • Saying that a consumer is attempting to defame the agency in an attempt to avoid making payment
  • Stating that the complaint is “frivolous” and on another occasion, that it was “without merit”

What is more, all of the complaints against HF Holdings, Inc. were not filed by consumers from whom they are attempting to collect a debt, but some were filed by their own clients, who have hired them to collect on a debt! One of the debt collector’s clients posted a complaint on RipOff Report claiming the company advertised no fees unless the debt was collected, but then charged hundreds of dollars in compensation for outside legal counsel it hired to assist with collection attempts.

HF Holdings, Inc. responded to its own client’s complaints in the same way that it did consumer complaints – it claimed that the client was lying and they had done nothing wrong. In one response, it even said, “Once the claimant was advised this was a lie, she then accused our office of “name calling”. Per the attached contract, the claimant is not due a refund; one is not forthcoming. When Ms. ***** realized this fact, she then began to leverage the threat of negative reviews such as this one. We refuse to be extorted or intimidated”.

Not only does HF Holdings, Inc. accuse the people it attempts to collect from of lying and being abusive, but it accuses its own clients of lying about them and attempting to extort and intimidate them!

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