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Is the collection agency Advantage Assets, II, Inc. harassing you?

When it comes to debt collectors and harassment coming from debt collection agencies over things like credit cards, it can be extremely disheartening and overwhelming. No matter which direction you turn, it always feels like someone wants to just get your money, and if you don’t comply, they will attempt to extort it to you through very difficult means.

However, there are cases where you may actually be correct, and that the company that is attempting to ask for payments are scammers hoping for a quick pay day. In these instances, it can be difficult to tell who is legitimate, and who is not. Such is the case of Advantage Assets II, Inc, a company that may have other affiliations within the debt collection business. Here is what you need to know if you have been contacted by Advantage Assets II, Inc.

What is Advantage Assets II, Inc?

Advantage Assets II Inc has little known about them, and not much information to go by. The little known information given has them listed as a debt buyer within the state of Texas. They are affiliated with Advantage Assets, and are possibly the exact same company.

Is Advantage Assets II, Inc a legit Debt Collection Agency?

Currently, it seems as if they are a legitimate debt collection agency working through multiple avenues. There have been some push against them in terms of how they practice. However, not much else is known.

There is a strong affiliation possibility between Advantage Assets INC, and Advantage Assets II Inc., as implied by the name. Advantage Assets II Inc also has ties to LTD Financial Services.

There seems to be no affiliation between Advantage Assets II Inc and Advantaged Assets, who is listed on the Better Business Bureau, and is said to be in Louisiana.

There is no listed Advantage Assets or Advantage Assets II Inc within the Better Business Bureau database.

Advantage Assets II, Inc Contact Information

Address: 7322 Southwest Fwy, Ste 1600, Houston, Tx 77074

Phone Number: 1-(713)-414-2101

Does Advantage Assets II, Inc have Complaints against them?

There are currently no listed complaints against Advantage Assets II Inc on the BBB.

There are no current Complaints against Advantage Assets II Inc through the Consumer Complaint Database of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Does this mean that Advantage Assets II Inc is legitimate?

Although it may seem legitimate due to the name, do not be fooled. Due to the shallow information given, if you are contacted by Advantage Assets II Inc, there is a high potential for misuse or abuse of power through debt collection attempts.

If you are contacted by Advantage Assets, there is a possibility that they are a proper debt collection agency and should be followed up on.

There has also been legal action taken against Advantage Assets II Inc and LTD Financial Services. In March of 2018, on the Second of March, LTD Financial Services and Advantage Assets II Inc were hit with a debt collection class lawsuit. This lawsuit claims that LTD Financial Services and Advantage Assets II Inc misled the plaintiff concerning their right to sue the companies to collect on a purported debt. This is an obvious attempt at misinformation and misguidance in an attempt to secure payment or safeguard against retribution for their actions.

How can I protect myself and fight back against Advantage Assets II, Inc?

With their illegal activity breaching the FDCPA laws and regulations, it is important that you safeguard yourself against such advances made by Advantage Assets II Inc. You can do this in quite a few ways, but the first step would be to verify the debt and payments. Asking for more information, identification, and other such verification is not outside the scope of reality. It is within your right to ask for such information, especially since you’ll be the one to shoulder the debt if it is true.

Another way to protect yourself and fight back is to hire an experienced and well-versed debt collector harassment lawyer that will be able to help you. Here at the Law Office of Paul Mankin, APC, we are experienced debt collection harassment lawyers and attorneys that can help to get you on the right path to fighting back against debt collection harassment.

Our attorneys are able to help you understand how long debt collectors are able to harass you for, as well as how to stop their harassment, and how to report their debt collection practices if they are illegal. They can assist you in understanding what is considered to be harassed by a debt collector, as well as help build a case against the debt collectors to help you get compensation in the case of illegal activities.

Remember, there is always a way to fight back. So don’t wait. If you feel you have been a victim of:

  • Robocalls
  • Harassment by Debt collectors
  • Abusive or threatening language from debt collectors
  • Threatening letters
  • Improper or misinformation with regards to debts

Then you may have a case that can get you compensation for the harassment. Give us a call now, and start the fight back.