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Is the collection agency Affiliate Asset Solutions, LLC harassing you?

With multiple debt collection agencies entering into the business, it can be difficult to figure out who is legitimate, and who is not. The chances of you running into a scammer or illegal debt collector can be quite high, and it is important to screen those that may attempt to scam you out of your hard earned cash. Affiliate Asset Solutions, LLC, is a current name in the debt collection industry. But, are they a scam?

What is Affiliate Asset Solutions, llc?

Affiliate Asset Solutions, LLC, is considered to be a collection system out of Georgia. They work to collect on debts of different people, and get it paid back in a timely manner, as based on their website.

Is Affiliate Asset Solutions, llc a legit Debt Collection Agency?

Yes, they are a legitimate agency. Started in 2015, they are a relatively new company that has been operating for approximately 4 years now. They are also known by Affiliate Asset Solutions, and have been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 7/15/2016. They are headed by Tim Parks, who is listed as the vice president of operations. They hold a BBB rating of A-. HOwever, that does not take into account Customer Reviews on the BBB.

Affiliate Asset Solutions, llc Contact Information

Address: 145 Technology Pkwy STE 100, Peachtree Corners, GA 300092-2913

Phone number: 1-(855)-820-5237


Email: [email protected]

Does Affiliate Asset Solutions, llc have Complaints against them?

Currently, Affiliate Asset Solutions, LLC, has quite a few complaints lodged against them. Within the BBB, they have 46 customer complaints against their company. Of those 46, 19 were closed within the last 12 months as of this article. There were 38 complaints with regard to billing and collections, 7 in regards to problems with a product or service, and 1 with regard to advertising and sales.

Although there are no complaints directly against Affiliate Asset Solutions, LLC, within the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Consumer Complaint Database, their names are linked with a few other companies as well that hold complaints. Those also pertain to improper filings and billings of debts.

What kind of Complaints have been made?

The primary complaint that has been made against Affiliate Asset Solutions, LLC, has been about billing and improper billing techniques. The most recent complaint against Affiliate Asset Solutions LLC comes on 11/14/19 where a victim states that they were billed for a debt to Pendrick Capital Partners. The bill in question was a medical debt number close to $3,000. However, the victim states that they had never engaged in activity with Pendrick Capital Partners or Travis County. This seems to be a case of improper information and misguided information.

Another complaint made on 10/17/19 states that Affiliate Asset Solutions LLC was a scam, and that they had been contacted about a $900 balance that was not theres.

Even further along, on 9/30/19, a complaint states that AAS had attempted to use unethical and illegal debt collection practices in an attempt to extort money out of a victim that had an improper bill of close to $1,500. These practices included multiple harassing phone calls all day, to abusive and negative language used in an attempt to get the victim to pay instead of get valid information.

Are the Practices of Affiliate Asset Solutions, llc Legal?

Almost none of the listed practices above are legal in any state. The FDCPA is a set of laws that specifically requires debt collection agencies to adhere to rules and guidelines to prevent abusive power moves. These include practices such as:

  • Aggressive and abusive language to victims and clients
  • Using improper or misinformation
  • Robocalls or harassing phone calls

These laws are specifically made to protect debtees from being targeted or physically abused and harmed due to a debt. It gives the debtors some fighting power against the harassment, and ensures that there is fair play against unjust attempts at collecting, especially if the debt is not in their name.

How can I protect myself and fight back against Affiliate Asset Solutions, llc?

There are quite a few ways to fight back against such tactics like the practices used by Affiliate Asset Solutions LLC. The first way is to validate any and all charges that are being made. This means that verifying the balance is a top priority. If AAS attempts to collect, and calls you up with regard to a debt, ask to see proper identification. Ask to see verification notices, as well as direct information linked to the debt. If they cannot provide the verification documents, then there is a chance that they are attempting to extort you.

Another way to protect yourself and fight back is to hire an experienced and well-versed debt collector harassment lawyer that will be able to help you. Here at the Law Office of Paul Mankin, APC, we have plenty collection harassment lawyers and attorneys that can help to get you on the right path to fighting back against debt collection harassment.

Our attorneys are able to help you understand how long debt collectors are able to harass you for, as well as how to stop their harassment, and how to report their debt collection practices if they are illegal. They can assist you in understanding what is considered to be harassed by a debt collector, as well as help build a case against the debt collectors to help you get compensation in the case of illegal activities.

Remember, there is always a way to fight back. So don’t wait. If you feel you have been a victim of:

  • Robocalls
  • Harassment by Debt collectors
  • Abusive or threatening language from debt collectors
  • Threatening letters
  • Improper or misinformation with regards to debts

Then you may have a case that can get you compensation for the harassment. Give us a call now, and start the fight back.