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Is the collection agency Affiliated Creditors, Inc. harassing you?

Debt collection agencies vary greatly in the type and size of business they operate under. Affiliated Creditors, Inc is one of the rare debt collection agencies that have a very deep history, reaching all the way back to 1981. A long history means they are good at making money, not necessarily good or legal in the way that they collect. That being said, we can take a look at this agency to uncover the details surrounding their business practices.


Affiliated Creditors, Inc. provides “innovative debt recovery solutions” for their clients of varying size. Operating out of Nashville, TN, the agency claims to provide options for debt collection in an efficient manner. Many clients have trusted the brand over the years, enough so to establish a long-running history.

Is Affiliated Creditors, Inc a legit Debt Collection Agency?

Affiliated Creditors, Inc. is very much a legit debt collection agency. Their existence as an established business is evidence enough to show that they are legit and have yet to run in to any legal trouble for illegal business practices.

Affiliated Creditors, Inc. Contact Information:

Address: 176 Thompson Lane, Suite 101, Nashville, TN 37211


Phone Number: (615) 331-1826

Toll Free: 1 (800) 365-7558

Does Affiliated Creditors, Inc have Complaints against them?

As with just about any debt collection agency, there have been complaints made against Affiliated Creditors, Inc. That being said, these complaints may not be justified to the fullest extent people play them out to be, as some debt collection practices are actually acceptable. While the Better Business Bureau does not show any open or pending complaints against Affiliated Creditors, Inc., other sites show some issues with the agency.

What kind of Complaints have been made?

Two consumers have filed complaints that the agency has pursued debts against them that were actually not owed. This may come down to a disagreement of facts between the debtor and creditor, not necessarily equating to something to wrongful acts on behalf of hte agency. One other complaint filed on this same site was for “communication tactics”. The site for complaint filing does not go into the specifics of the complaints and it does not appear that the agency has bothered contesting these complaints, possibly meaning the complaint site is not a very legit source for filing complaints.

Are the Practices of Affiliated Creditors, Inc Legal?

While consumers have filed complaints against the agency, there are little facts or evidence to indicate that the agency has done anything illegal. As such, with their long running history and lack of legal problems, one can assume that Affiliated Creditors, Inc. is using practices within the scope of the law. Innocent until proven guilty, even when dealing with debt collection agencies.

How can I protect myself and fight back against Affiliated Creditors, Inc?

While this agency seems to be legit and dealing within its legal limits for debt collection, this does not mean you should let down your guard when you receive communications from this agency. By all reasonable means, you should always pay close attention to methods of communication, statements made and threats placed toward you.

In the event that the debt collection agency makes false threats or wrongful accusation, you should reach out to an attorney familiar with creditor rights. Do not be put into a situation where your rights are taken for granted simply because you are intimidated.

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