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Is the collection agency Affiliated Management Services harassing you?

In the world of debt collection, there are many that attempt to scam and swindle you out of money simply by preying on your fears and anxiety. These kinds of people come in many shapes and forms, some that even run under a legitimate business banner.

Because of this, it is important to always vet and verify whether or not the company that is attempting to call you has any credibility. Debt collection harassment and robocalls are rampant in the current day and age. One such company you may be contacted by is Affiliated Management Services. Here are a few notes about them that will help you verify if the bill is legitimate.

What is Affiliated Management Services?

Currently, there is no listed business for Affiliated Management Services. There is a listed Affiliated Management Services, Inc. within the Better Business Bureau, who are based out of Mission, Kansas. However, there is a chance that this is not the one that is mentioned, as there have been accounts of near-identical names being used for companies in an attempt to siphon business, as well as scam people through shadowing a legitimate company.

However, we will follow the assumption that Affiliated Management Services and Affiliated Management Services, Inc. are one and the same per the article.

Is Affiliated Management Services a legit Debt Collection Agency?

From what is seen, Affiliated Management Services, Inc. is a legitimate company. On the Better Business Bureau website, they are seen to have been in operation since 1987, and have been in business for 32 years and counting. Although they are not accredited, they have an A+ rating through the BBB. However, this does not factor in customer reviews that have been made on the website.

Affiliated Management Services Contact Information

Address: 5651 Broadmoor St, Mission, KS 66202-2407

Phone Number: 1-913-677-9470

Other Phone: 1-800-221-1314


Does Affiliated Management Services have Complaints against them?

Currently, Affiliated Management Services, Inc. have 2 listed complaints against them on the BBB website. Both were filed within the year 2019, with one being at the beginning of the year, and the other in August of 2019.

There have been numerous claims against a company named Affiliated Management Services in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Consumer Complaint Database. There are 21 listed complaints against AFFMS.

What kind of Complaints have been made?

Both of the complaints from the BBB were due to billing and collections. No details were available for these complaints, but they are both listed as closed and answered/resolved.

The complaints from the CFPB directory cover a wide variety of  issues, with the most recent one in November of 2019 listed as the bill coming from identity theft. There are also accounts stating that Affiliated Management Services attempted to collect improper amounts, as well as attempting to collect on already paid debts.

Lastly, there are some of these complaints that state that Affiliated Management Services did not properly notify victims that they had a right to dispute the claims. This issue can be seen with many different complaints spanning 2018 and 2017 complaints logged in the CFPB. There are also complaints of debt collector harassment and abusive language, as well as improper information being given to debtees in an attempt to extort payments.

Are the Practices of Affiliated Management Services Legal?

Although debt collection in itself is not illegal, some of the practices are. In the instances above, many can be considered illegal. For instance, constant harassment and calls are against federal law. The same can be said for improper information management, or falsified information.

All such practices that are currently illegal can be found under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, or FDCPA. This act ensures that tactics that are considered abusive or negative are not used in an attempt to extort or pressure debtors to pay up on a debt.

These can include the use of robocalls, late night calls, continuous harassment even after you have asked them to stop calling, and other such methods of extortion.

How can I protect myself and fight back against Affiliated Management Services?

There are plenty of ways to protect yourself against such malicious attacks by predatory debt collectors. The first is to understand your personal rights as a debtor. As a debtor, understand that debt collector harassment is very much an illegal practice, Understand what is considered to be an overreach on the debt collectors parts, and understand that you can ask for verification and authorization for the debt as well. Even if they use abusive language and threaten you with physical assault, understand that you have the right to stand your ground against them.

Another way you can protect yourself is to hire yourself an experienced and knowledgeable debt collection harassment lawyer or attorney. We here at Law Office of Paul Mankin, APC we have a strong set of collection harassment attorneys that are able to not only help you stop the debt collector harassment, but also report the harassment to the proper authorities. They can help you build a solid case against the harassment as well, and ensure that you are properly compensated for the emotional and possible physical damage that you have sustained.

If you or someone you love has been a target of harassment, debt collector wrong number and robo calls, or have been threatened with legal abuse, then contact us at 1-800-219-3577. Let us help you against the harassment of debt collectors.