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Is the debt collection agency Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc. harassing you?

Adler, Wallach & Associates, Inc. was established in Southern California on August 24, 1993. It is managed by its President, Mr. Allan Adler, and its Vice President of Operations, Ms. Marian Mapes. Adler offers a range of debt collection services, including pre-collections service, third party collections, bankruptcy filing & monitoring, secondary placements, mailing and invoicing programs, litigation filing, and judgment execution, credit reports, asset investigations, and Skip Tracing.

1045 W Katella Ave #230

Orange, CA 92867

(888) 771-3690 (phone)

(714) 771-5453 (alt. phone)

(888) 771-3690 (toll free)

(714) 639-3123 (fax)

A Better Business Bureau (BBB) file for one of Adler, Wallach, & Associates, Inc.’s alias companies, A W A Collections, shows an ‘F’ rating and 60 consumer complaints. The collector also has an astounding 373 CFPB complaints. Negative consumer reviews primarily include: no notice of collections before credit report ding; attempting to collect debt not owed (debt was paid or didn’t belong to person being called); no providing enough information to verify debt; not providing notice of right to dispute; taking or threatening to take negative or legal action; threatening or suggesting the debtor’s credit would be damaged; attempting to collect wrong amount; failing to disclose communication was an attempt to collect a debt.

Unsurprisingly, the debt collector has earned itself an extensive litigation history. Notably, Adler Wallach & Associates, Inc. was sued in Florida for collections actions taken in 2011, including misrepresenting the character, amount, or legal status of the debt; failing to send a debt validation letter; using false, deceptive, and misleading means to collect a debt.

It is against Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to engage in certain harassing and unkind acts in furtherance of pursuing repayment of a debt, including: calling before 8:00AM or after 9:00PM, calling repeatedly or even just a few times per week (no matter how many different phone numbers they use), calling your place of work if you are not permitted personal calls, calling you after you have made an unmistakable request for them to stop calling, using profanity or other threatening language, and other intimidating actions. It is also unlawful for collectors to misrepresents who they are and what the purpose of their communication is, as well as for them to attempt collection on an amount more than you owe or to collect from someone who is not legally responsible for the debt. These actions, each and all, amount to collector harassment, and you have the right to be free of this behavior.

More information regarding complaints regarding California-based collectors can be found at Complaints regarding a collector in any state may be filed with the Federal Trade Commission at or (877) FTC-HELP (877-382-4357), and complaints regarding any collector or other business can be made at BBB complaints.

If you believe you have a claim for collection harassment or are a victim of another violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or Rosenthal California Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you should speak with a consumer rights attorney or debt collection harassment attorney immediately. Contact us today to discuss your matter and see how we can help at no cost to you.