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Is the debt collection agency Allen Daniel Associates harassing you?

What is Allen Daniel Associates?

Allen Daniel Associates is listed as a debt collection agency that provides debt collection services with the exception of debt buying. They work primarily within Massachusetts and the surrounding areas, providing debt collection services to those interested.

Is Allen Daniel Associates a legit Debt Collection Agency?

Allen Daniel Associates is a legitimate debt collection agency. According to the Better Business Bureau, they have been in business for over 47 years, having been started in 1972. They were recently accredited in 2011 by the BBB, and currently hold an A+ BBB rating. However, they do have a 3 out of 5 star average review from customers on the BBB. They are currently run by Daniel Desatnick and Victoria Desatnick, who are listed as the president and executive director, respectively.

Allen Daniel Associates Contact Information

Address: 159 Overland Road Suite 406 North Waltham, Massachusetts 02451-1703

Other Address: PO Box 541614 Waltham, Massachusetts 02454-1614

Phone Number: 1-800-882-2100

Fax Number: 1-781-647-8866


Does Allen Daniel Associates have Complaints against them?

Allen Daniel Associates currently has two reviews on the BBB database.

There are no registered complaints on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau consumer complaint database as well. A designated search also does not pull up any complaints against a company that may have the Allen Daniel Associates listed within the complaint either.

What kind of Complaints have been made?

Although there have been no formal complaints against Allen Daniel Associates, one of the reviews stated that they attempted to pay Allen Daniel Associates and was unable to send the payment.

However, the complaint was answered by Allen Daniel Associates promptly, and states that the person that filed the review is not an actual customer. The review answer states that they had attempted to contact the reviewer, but the reviewer had not responded. They had also pointed out discrepancies in the statement, stating that they do not “buy” accounts of debt, which lines up with their initial statement about excluding buying debts.

The other review listed shows that the consumer had a great time working with Allen Daniel Associates, and would work with them again if given the chance.

Are the Practices of Allen Daniel Associates Legal?

Although the reviews may be positive, there are still chances that Allen Daniel Associates has used less than legal methods in an attempt to collect on a debt. Attempts with practices such as threatening phone calls, and threatening your well-being, are both considered illegal by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act extensively talks about what is and is not allowed by debt collectors. For instance, if you let the debt collection agency know that you do not wish to be contacted or harassed, and they continue to do so, they will be liable for a counter-argument through the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act laws. Although Allen Daniel Associates does seem to be on the more tame side, it is worth noting that you should always be on the lookout in case they attempt to violate your consumer rights.

How can I protect myself and fight back against Allen Daniel Associates?

There are plenty of ways to protect yourself against Allen Daniel Associates if they attempt to harass you about a debt. The first thing to do is to verify the debt. This can be done in a number of ways, from asking for identification through a mailed letter, to registry identification numbers that allow you to look up the debt yourself. Both can be used in a similar manner to verify the debt, and prove or disprove the debt in question.

Another option you can go for is to hire an extensive and well-versed debt collection harassment attorney or lawyer that is experienced in debt collector harassment and debt. Our team of attorneys here at the Law Office of Paul Mankin, APC have experienced debt collection harassment attorneys, and will work with you to not only spot and identify debt collector harassment, but will also work with you to actively stop and report debt collector harassment that is far over the line of legal.

Not only can we help you to defend against harassment, we can also help to build a case, and assist you in understanding where the illegal collection patterns are for debt collectors. We are also able to help facilitate any communications or discussions between the parties, ensuring that nothing you say can be used against you.

The most important bit of information in your fight is to always remain vigilant. No matter who you have at your side, it can seem like a daunting battle against such a large company and agency. If you have ever been the subject of:

  • Multiple calls per week from a third party collection agency
  • Multiple calls in the early morning or late night from debt collectors.
  • Violent and belligerent language and harassment from debt collectors.
  • Threats of arrests or poor credit due to outstanding debts.
  • Having your friends, family, and coworkers harassed by debt collectors.
  • Automated robocalls from third party collection agencies.

Then you may have a case available. So do not wait, make sure to give us a call, and get started fighting back against the debt collection harassment.