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Is the debt collection agency Allied Data Corporation harassing you?

What is Allied Data Corporation?

Established and incorporated in Houston, Texas in January 1993, Allied Data Corporation offers debt collection and adjustment services on claims and other insurance related issues. The company has conducted more business in recent years under the name RTB Enterprises, Inc. and had 79 employees at last count. It is operated by its general manager, Mr. Tim Weber, and its president and CEO, Mr. Raymond T. Blair.

Is Allied Data Corporation a legit Debt Collection Agency?

Most likely not. Mail sent in 2005 was returned, and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) listing has not been claimed by the business owner. While it might have been legitimate at one time, it no longer appears to be.

Allied Data Corporation’s Contact Information:

13111 Westheimer, Suite 400

Houston, TX 77077

(281) 558-7176 (phone)

(800) 275-7176 (toll free)

(281) 293-0417 (fax)

What kind of complaints does Allied Data Corporation have against them?

A Better Business Bureau (BBB) file was opened for Allied Data Corporation on 3/30/1995, and it currently has 1 consumer complaint and no other reviews. Allied Data Corporation has an additional 4 Consumer Finance Protection Bureau complaints. The most serious complaints relate to collector harassment, one in particular regarding the attempted collection of a debt already paid.

Are Allied Data Corporation’s Practices Legal?

It is against federal debt collection regulations to engage in certain annoying and unkind acts in furtherance of pursuing repayment of a debt, including: calling before 8:00AM or after 9:00PM, calling repeatedly or even just a few times per week (no matter how many different phone numbers they use), calling your place of work if you are not permitted personal calls, calling you after you have made an unmistakable request for them to stop calling, using profanity or other threatening language, and other intimidating actions. It is also unlawful for collectors to misrepresents who they are and what the purpose of their communication is, as well as for them to attempt collection on an amount more than you owe or to collect from someone who is not legally responsible for the debt. These actions, each and all, amount to collector harassment, and you have the right to be free of this behavior.

Depending on whether Allied Data Corporation is aware that it is attempting collection on a debt already paid, the mere act of sending a letter or making a collections call could constitute collector harassment and entire you to damages under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

How can I defend myself against a debt collector like Allied Data Corporation?

Texas residents can find consumer rights information on the Attorney General’s website at For more information about Utah State’s consumer resources, see the Consumer Referral Guide. Complaints regarding a collector in any state may be filed with the Federal Trade Commission at or (877) FTC-HELP (877-382-4357), and complaints regarding any collector or other business can be made at BBB complaints.

If you believe you have a claim for collector harassment or are a victim of another violation of state or federal debtor’s rights, you should speak with a consumer rights lawyer or debt collection harassment attorney immediately. Contact us today to discuss your matter and see how we can help at no cost to you.