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Is the debt collection agency Alltran Financial, LP harassing you?

What is Alltran Financial LP?

Alltran Financial LP was founded in Houston, Texas on October 1, 1987. Under the direction of its general counsel and business manager, Mr. Michael K. Strachan, Alltran Financial LP provides recovery and receivables services. The debt collection agency is known to conduct business under at least four other names, including: “URS Holding, LLC,” “United Recovery Systems, LP,” “United Recovery System,” and “Plaza Recovery.”

Is Alltran Financial LP a legit Debt Collection Agency?

Yes, Alltran Financial LP is a legitimate debt collector. It has been recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) since January 1, 1987, has been BBB-accredited since October 18, 2012, and maintains an A+ BBB consumer rating, which indicates it is responsive to consumer complaints and is a legitimate business.

Alltran Financial LP Contact Information:

5800 N Course Dr

Houston, TX 77072-1613

(800) 352-8890 (phone)

(800) 326-8040 (alt. phone)

(713) 977-0119 (fax)

What kind of complaints does Alltran Financial LP have against them?

Alltran Financial LP has received 25 BBB consumer complaints and 12 Consumer Financial Protection Bureau complaints, most of which involve repeated attempts to collect on debt not owed. In most such cases, consumers report being harassed by Alltran Financial LP over old debt (i.e., debt that has been paid) or bad debt (i.e., debt that is no longer able to be enforced by legal action). If these allegations are true, these consumers would most likely have a claim under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.  Consumers have reported the following phone numbers in relationship to complaints of collector harassment against Alltran Education, Inc. and its alias operations.

(713) 784-7844

(713) 977-1234

(866) 815-8808

(866) 582-4085

(800) 354-4150

(713) 266-9876

(800) 331-8970

Are Alltran Financial LP‘s Practices Legal?

Whether a debt was previously paid or belongs to someone other than the person being contacted, it is considered collector harassment when a collections agency learns a debt is no longer valid (or is not valid in relation to a particular person) and continues to call or write with the intention of forcing the alleged debtor to pay up. These practices are unlawful under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and could entitle you up to $1,000 in statutory damages, actual damages, an attorney at no cost to you, as well as other state and federal remedies.

How can I defend myself against a debt collector like Alltran Financial LP?

Texas residents can find consumer rights information on the Attorney General’s website at Complaints regarding a debt collector in any state may be filed with the Federal Trade Commission at or (877) FTC-HELP (877-382-4357), and complaints regarding any collector or other business can be made at BBB complaints. To learn more about how the federal government regulates debt collection and protects debtors and other individuals from collector harassment, see FTC Debt Collection pamphlet.

If you believe you have a claim for collector harassment or are a victim of another violation of state or federal debtor’s rights, you should speak with a consumer rights lawyer or debt collection harassment attorney immediately. Contact us today to discuss your matter and see how we can help at no cost to you.