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Is the debt collection agency Andrews, Bolden, & Associates, Inc., harassing you?

What is Andrews, Bolden & Associates, Inc.?

Andrews, Bolden, & Associates, Inc., is a debt collection agency that was founded and incorporated in Ohio in 1984.  Andrews, Bolden & Associates, Inc. has approximately 51 to 200 employees and is operated under its president, Mr. Lawrence P. Brock.

Is Andrews, Bolden, & Associates, Inc. a legit Debt Collection Agency?

Yes, Andrews, Bolden, & Associates, Inc. is a legitimate debt collector. They have been recognized by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in 1985 but is not accredited and has no BBB rating or consumer reviews. It appears they do not perform collections under the name Andrews, Bolden & Associates, Inc.—or at least not a substantial volume—but either assist in collections or perform collections under aliases.

Andrews, Bolden & Associates, Inc. Contact Information:

3501 W. 117th St.

Cleveland, OH 44111

(216) 941-5400 (phone)

(216) 941-1513 (fax)

What kind of complaints does Andrews, Bolden, & Associates, Inc. have against them?

Consumer complaints against Andrews, Bolden, & Associates, Inc. generally include the following consumer grievances: continued attempts to collect debt not owed; threatening to take legal action; improper contact or sharing of info (talked to a third party about a debt); not giving enough info to verify debt; not disclosing communication as an attempt to collect a debt; threatening or suggesting your credit would be damaged; and attempting to collect on debt already paid.  If these allegations are true, these actions would qualify as violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and Rosenthal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (RFDCPA).

Are Andrews, Bolden, & Associates, Inc.’s Practices Legal?

Among other practices, it is strictly unlawful for a collections agency like Andrews, Bolden & Associates, Inc. to make any false or threatening statements in connection with an attempt to collect on a consumer debt. Many complaints against Andrews, Bolden, & Associates contain allegations of gross violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), including and especially allegations that Andrews, Bolden, & Associates impersonated an attorney or anyone in an official capacity for the purpose of intimidating a debtor into paying on a debt. Even if they are attorneys—or an attorney is the one to contact the alleged debtor—they cannot use that title to mislead the debtor or to attempt to harass the debtor into paying the demanded fee out of fear.  The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act provides for up to $1,000 in statutory damages, as well as other state and federal remedies.

How can I defend myself against a debt collector like Andrews, Bolden, & Associates, Inc.?

Complaints regarding a debt collector in any state may be filed with the Federal Trade Commission at or (877) FTC-HELP (877-382-4357), and complaints regarding any debt collection agency or other business can be made at BBB complaints. Complaints against Ohio-based debt collectors may be filed with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office at or (800) 282-0515. General information about Ohio debtor rights can be found at Ohio Attorney General’s Office debt collection FAQ.

If you believe you have a claim for collection harassment or are a victim of another violation of state or federal debtor’s rights, you should speak with a consumer rights lawyer or debt collector harassment attorney immediately. Contact us today to discuss your matter and see how we can help at no cost to you.