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Is the debt collection agency Aspen National Collections harassing you?

There are many companies that hold the same name. Aspen National Collections shares a name with other such debt collection agencies that are currently in practice. But are they a real debt collection agency? Or are they dabbling in more illegal practices, ones that you should be careful for? Here is what you need to know about the debt collection agency Aspen National Collections, and what you should do if you are contacted by them.

What is Aspen National Collections?

Aspen National Collections is listed as a debt collection agency with multiple locations of business. They work to serve the New Mexico and Southwest Colorado areas, and are based out of the Colorado area as well. They share a similar name with Aspen Financial, and actually are also known as Aspen National Financial, Inc. Mr. John Brewer is listed as the President, Principal Contact, and the Customer Contact on the Better Business Bureau website.

Is Aspen National Financial a legit Debt Collection Agency?

They are considered to be a legitimate debt collection agency, even with such a fanciful name. They were started in 2000, with their BBB file opened in that same year. They became accredited through the BBB in the end of November of 2000. They currently hold an A+ Rating with the BBB, with no customer reviews.

Aspen National Collections Contact Information

Address: 827 Rood Ave Grand Junction, CO 81501-3433


Phone Number: 1-970-263-7320

Other Phone: 1-800-283-2797

Other Phone: 1-800-981-9420

Fax Number: 1-970-263-7309

Does Aspen National Collections have Complaints against them?

Aspen National Collections do have quite a few complaints made against them. On the BBB database, there is one customer complaint, made in November of 2019. It was closed the following day with a message from Aspen National Collections directly.

There are no complaints listed in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s Consumer Complaint Database for Aspen national Financial. However, there are listed complaints for their alias, Aspen National Financial Inc. On the CFPB’s CCD, there are 89 complaints that have been made against Aspen National Financial Inc. These complaints range in variety, but all have been made due to improper techniques used by Aspen National Financial Inc.

What kind of Complaints have been made?

These complaints primarily deal with the issue of improper debt collection methods. Of the 89 complaints made through the CFPB’s CCD, 86 of the complaints were about debt collection issues. Specifically, this was about Aspen National Collection attempting to collect improper amounts, using misdirection and misinformation in an attempt to con consumers into paying for debts that sometimes are not even theres.

Many of the complaints also list aggressive and threatening language being used when representatives had called to discuss the debts. These aggressive and threatening attempts at debt collection are highly illegal, and could land Aspen National Collections in extremely hot water.

In 2012, Aspen National Collections found themselves in just that. According to PACER, the Public Access to Court Electronic Records website, there was a case between one Gail Lockhart and Aspen national Collections. In this case, they attempted to call Lockhart at her workplace multiple times every day. This could go up to even 3 times per day.

Because of this, Ms. Lockhart ended up suing Aspen National Collection for violating the Federal Debt Collection Practice Act. These violations included:

  • Harassing with abusive and threatening language
  • Threatening legal action
  • Calling at improper times
  • Calling her work when such calls were not allowed

This matter was later settled outside of the courts.

Are the Practices of Aspen National Collections Legal?

If true, many of Aspen National Collections actions complained of violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). As stated above, the FDCPA protects consumers, such as yourself, against unlawful attempts at debt collection. Such debt collection tactics are considered harassment, as well as highly illegal.

How can I protect myself and fight back against Aspen National Collections?

If you have been contacted by Aspen National Collections, then there are some steps that you should take to protect yourself. The first thing you should do is to try to verify the debt. This can be done in a number of ways, such as asking who the original debt holder is, as well as verifying that the representative you are talking to is actually of the company they say they are. You are well within your right to get these items, and if they cannot provide them to you, you are under no obligation to pay the debt or make the payments.

If they continue to harass you, or attempt to continue calling you, then it is also within your right to get yourself an experienced and knowledgeable debt collector harassment lawyer or attorney. We here at the Law Office of Paul Mankin, APC have such a team, one that has a long history of successful lawsuits and cases against debt collectors that attempt to use illegal actions in an attempt to elicit payments. We are able to assist you in identifying the harassment of the debt collectors, stop the harassment and phone calls, and then report the harassment to the proper authority.

Not only can we help you to defend against harassment, we can also help to build a case, and assist you in understanding where the illegal collection patterns are for debt collectors. We are also able to help facilitate any communications or discussions between the parties, ensuring that nothing you say can be used against you.

The most important bit of information in your fight is to always remain vigilant. No matter who you have at your side, it can seem like a daunting battle against such a large company and agency. If you have ever been the subject of:

  • Multiple calls per week from a third party collection agency
  • Multiple calls in the early morning or late night from debt collectors.
  • Violent and belligerent language and harassment from debt collectors.
  • Threats of arrests or poor credit due to outstanding debts.
  • Having your friends, family, and coworkers harassed from debt collectors.
  • Automated robocalls from third party collection agencies.

Then you may have a case available. So do not wait, make sure to give us a call, and get started fighting back against the debt collection harassment.