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Is the debt collection agency Assetcare, LLC harassing you?

AssetCare LLC may be a name you are familiar with if you have an outstanding debt. This is especially true if your lender is based in the state of Texas. Whether a debt is truly owed is a question of what evidence can be produced, but AssetCare LLC is sure to try and collect based on the evidence provided by the individual or debt collection agency hiring them. This is normal in the debt collection agency business world, so do not take offense if they tend to believe their client over you. Just to make sure you understand who or what you are working against, we have compiled some background information on the debt collection agency to assist you as they pursue debt collection efforts against you.

What is AssetCare LLC?

AssetCare LLC is a debt collection agency located in Sherman, Texas. It is a fairly young debt collection agency, having only been around since 2016. This debt collection agency also does business under the name of “CF Medical VI, LLC”. The agency operates to the standard of a B- rating from the Better Business Bureau.

Is AssetCare LLC a legit Debt Collection Agency?

Managed by President Mark Detrick, the debt collection agency seems to be a legit debt collection agency. The debt collection agency employs somewhere around 20 employees.

AssetCare LLC Contact Information:

The toll free number to get a hold of AssetCare, LLC (or CF Medical VI, LLC) is 1-888-993-3604.

The debt collection agency also holds a PO Box in the city of Sherman.

You can mail the debt collection agency at:

AssetCare, PO Box 1127, Sherman, TX 75090

Does AssetCare LLC have Complaints against them?

Complaints have been made against the debt collection agency according to PACER website records. With this evidence, along with their Better Business Bureau rating, it seems evident that the debt collection agency tends to harass consumers for debt collection purposes.

What kind of Complaints have been made?

One example of a complaint against the debt collection agency came around August 2017. The debt collection agency tried to report a consumer to Transunion under the incorrect name of the original creditor. The Florida consumer allegedly owed a medical debt and claimed the debt collection agency used false and deceptive means to compel collection of the debt. The consumer also claimed unfair means to collect the debt by AssetCare LLC, as well as the debt collection agency using inaccurate information to credit bureaus during the process.

Are the Practices of AssetCare LLC Legal?

While it’s not fair to assume that AssetCare uses illegal practices in all of their cases, they certainly did not comply with the law in the August 2017 case in which the consumer filed a complaint against the debt collection agency as mentioned above.

It is not legal to use false information to compel collections, nor to use false information to file collection matters with credit reporting agencies. If AssetCare LLC is normally using these practices, they are certainly not within the scope of the law.

How can I protect myself and fight back against AssetCare LLC?

Whether AssetCare is contacting you under their normal entity name, or the alternate “doing business as” name, know that they cannot harass or use unlawful tactic to force debt collection actions against you.

In times where you feel harassed or bullied by this debt collection agency, feel free to reach out to an experience legal team such as ours to assist you in your time of need. With our legal experience in debt collection actions, you are sure to be working with some of the best this city has to offer.

Not only can we help you to defend against harassment, we can also help to build a case, and assist you in understanding where the illegal collection patterns are for debt collectors. We are also able to help facilitate any communications or discussions between the parties, ensuring that nothing you say can be used against you.

The most important bit of information in your fight is to always remain vigilant. No matter who you have at your side, it can seem like a daunting battle against such a large debt collection agency and agency. If you have ever been the subject of:

  • Multiple calls per week from a third party collection agency
  • Multiple calls in the early morning or late night from debt collectors.
  • Violent and belligerent language and harassment from debt collectors.
  • Threats of arrests or poor credit due to outstanding debts.
  • Having your friends, family, and coworkers harassed from debt collectors.
  • Automated robocalls from third party collection agencies.

Then you may have a case available. So do not wait, make sure to give us a call, and get started fighting back against the debt collection harassment.