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Make Sure Your Hotel Room Doesn’t Have Bed Bugs

By Law Office of Paul Mankin of Law Office of Paul Mankin on Tuesday, June 27, 2017.

Here are the top four places to inspect for bed bugs when checking into a hotel room.

Hotel Closet:

Before moving all of your clothes into the closet and laying down in your hotel room, inspect the room for bed bugs and other vermin first. First, check the closet. If the closet is not well lit, use a flashlight and look on the shelves and floor. Also, if there any cracks in the walls, make sure to inspect all of the cracks and crevices. Bed Bugs are transported easily. If the bed bugs move from the closet to your clothes, you could easily bring them home with you.

Mattress Piping:

Bed bugs seem to congregate around the mattress piping. Remove the comforter and sheets on the mattress and inspect all along the mattress. There can be large clusters of bed bugs on the mattress when there is a bad infestation.

Bed Headboard

Next inspect the bed headboard. Even if you did not find bed bugs in the mattress they very well might be hiding in and around the headboard. Pull the bed out from the wall to inspect near the floor and the back of the headboard.

Nightstand and other Furniture by the bed

Finally, make a quick inspection of the nightstand drawers and around the backside of the nightstand. Bed bugs can easily travel from the bed to the nearby furniture.

While this inspection may not completely protect you from being bitten by bed bugs, it will allow you to discover a severe bed bug infestation.