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San Diego Slip and Fall Lawyer Recommendations

When in a San Diego slip and fall accident, it can sometimes be seen as small, slight, and trivial. Some may make light of your accident, saying that you are just out to get paid, and that it’s something that happens every day.

However, a San Diego slip and fall accident can lead to serious complications and injuries. No matter what anyone says, you should always be prepared to take the necessary steps after a slip and fall to keep yourself safe, and compensated. Here are 10 steps that should be taken after being in a slip and fall accident.

1.   Get proper medical attention

Immediately after a San Diego slip and fall accident, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. This may involve basic first aid to the injured area, calling an ambulance to come provide aid and transportation, or calling over a proper supervisor if you are a worker at the specific property piece. No matter who you are, or what you do, however, getting proper medical treatment should be your first priority after an accident.

2.   Inspect the scene directly after the incident.

After proper medical treatment has been provided, look and inspect the scene of the accident. It is important that the incident does not repeat itself, as that will cause more injuries to pile up, and more people may be put at risk. Look around, and see if there are any misplaced or out of place issues, such as faulty tiles or flooring. Ensure that all spills and foreign substance leaks are properly labeled and sectioned off, and that any facility breaks are properly reported to the people at hand.

3.   Take pictures and photos however possible.

Start to photograph and record any evidence around. In these situations, a picture is worth more than a description written down on a piece of paper. A picture of the facility that the accident took place in, a picture of the accident scene, and a picture of the surrounding areas of the scene can all be used as important documentation for later case building for a claim.

4.   Get in touch with witnesses

Once all the photos are taken, and the scene has been documented properly, the next step is to get in contact with anyone that may have been a witness to the accident. This may include bystanders that had nothing to do with it, but any single person may count. They may also provide such things as video recording of the incident or live testimonies as well.

Having an eyewitness account means that a third party is able to provide a recount of what exactly happened, outside of the two or more parties that are directly involved with the case already. These kinds of testimonies can mean that evidence may be kept, or tossed out, as well.

5.   Gather official reports

Gather up any reports or documents that may be linked to the case. This includes police reports, medical transcripts and documents, and any testing files, such as x-rays, MRI reports, or nerve testings. These documents that come straight from the sources are extremely difficult to alter, and as such, can provide a clear and defined overview of what occurred, as well as the state of the injuries.

6.   Write everything down

Writing everything down, from the events that occurred, to any medical sessions and visits that may have transpired. Keeping an active log, as well as documented proof that events occurred, can help to keep track of the proceedings after the injury. It may also help to stave off any unwanted tampering by the other party to try to shake up your information flow, in an attempt to undermine your case.

7.   Hire a San Diego slip and fall lawyer quickly

Hiring a San Diego slip and fall lawyer as soon as the injury is defined as enough for a case to be made can help to clean up the legal process, as well as define and simplify any questions you may have. The attorney can help to give clarity to the information at hand, as well as file away all reports, medical documents, and photos you may be holding on to.

They will also be able to contact and discuss terms and negotiations with the opposing parties, so that they do not get any chance to muddle the waters with you and lead you through legal loopholes to try to get you to settle for less.

8.   Keep proper checkups for possible latent injuries

Not all injuries show right away. Many injuries such as vision impairment, motor sensory losses, and functional range of motion decreasing can all be symptoms of the accident, and can persist for quite some time. However, they do not always show right away. As such, make sure to document your health regularly, and look to get regular checkups to see if the minor symptoms you’re having are not a sign of worse to come.

9.   Keep contact between parties strictly through your San Diego slip and fall lawyer

Ensure that your attorney is the only one to speak with the other parties involved, no matter the reason. Even if they are calling just to check up on you, or to get information out of you, any and all information given will be used to try to lower a settlement cost, and to take away some of your evidence in the case.

This goes for live meetings as well. In person negotiations should all be done through your attorney, who will be your guide and your protector from any unwanted advances or attempts to break your case.

10.  Do not let your Slip and Fall Case Slip away

Although it may seem to take quite some time, do not give up on a slip and fall case. Your injury is real, and your symptoms are real as well. Do not let anyone tell you different, as you do deserve to get your pain compensated for if it were someone else’s mistake and misjudgement.

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