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Have you ever received multiple phone calls from the same phone number, but did not answer your phone, and therefore, don’t know who is calling you?   We have found that many consumers experience numerous harassing phone calls each day.  As a consequence, consumers screen their calls and do not answer the phone when a phone number is not recognized.  Call screening seems to most commonly occur when consumers are receiving harassing phone calls from a debt collection who is most likely committing multiple FDCPA violations.  We have started a list of common debt collector phone numbers so that you can identify who is calling you based on common debt collector phone numbers.

Who is calling me from 1-866-683-5215 (A-Collections Agency, LLC)?

Who is calling me from 1-888-418-8001 (ABC Collectors, Inc.)?

Who is calling me from 1-800-356-3713 (A.C.A. Recovery, Inc.)?

Who is calling me from 1-855-207-1892 (Ability Recovery Services, LLC)?

Who is calling me from 1-800-444-1944 (BCA Financial Services)?

Who is calling me from 312-380-4059 (Harris & Harris, LTD.)?

Who is calling me from 1-866-355-6815 (Ace Cash Express)?

Who is calling me from 800-279-9048 (IC System, Inc.)?